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High throughput and high performance computing without servers or clusters

Run containerised jobs across many clouds without managing infrastructure

Run jobs from anywhere

Manage jobs using a simple batch system style command line interface or interact programmatically using a RESTful API.

Invisible infrastructure

All infrastructure provisioning is handled completely automatically and is totally invisible to the user.

Reliability & reproducibility

All jobs are run in containers to ensure they will run reliably anywhere and are reproducible.


Construct complex workflows by specifying the dependencies between different jobs.

MPI ready

Run multi-node Open MPI, Intel MPI or MPICH jobs in addition to single-node jobs.

Data access

Jobs can access data transparently from OneData, WebDAV or object storage.

A serverless experience for HTC & HPC

Just run your jobs, there is no need to create or manage clusters

Multi-cloud native

Go beyond a single cloud and leverage the resources and features available across many clouds simultaneously. No VPNs, tunnels or any special networking is required.

One cloud or many

The most appropriate cloud for each job is used, based on user-specified requirements and preferences.

Improve resource utilisation

Run jobs on across multiple clouds opportunistically, utilising idle resources

No more login nodes

Access any computing resources, from anywhere